Introductory Concepts

In recent discussions of Turning on the Lights, Sometimes the right technology is a pencil, and The use and abuse of technology in the classroom, a controversial issue has been whether or not we are educators and future educators having using technology in the right way, and when paper really is the best way to go.  On the one hand, some argue that since this newer generation has grown up in the light of technology we should be using it to our advantages. As stated in Turning on the Lights the children already know so much before they get to us, that we should be using this as a tool for them to go farther. From this perspective, children will spend more time using the technology to learn, and we teachers will have to have those resources readily available.  On the other hand, however, others argue that the over use of technology can be bad, or seen as a time filler.  According to this view, The use and abuse of technology in the classroom, some teachers are using technology for things that the students are already doing on paper, or are just using them for games when working with smaller groups.  In sum then, the issue is whether technology should be making more head way into the classrooms or stay in its current localized state, mostly used for reading and math.

My own view is that technology should be used in the classroom, but in limited ways I enjoy the use of iPads for reading, and computers for math and writing, but I don’t want to see my classroom go completely paperless.  Though I concede that technology definitely has its many advantages, I still maintain that I would seldom use it for minor projects or time fillers, as those times could be used in other ways.  For example, reading a book or working on a monthly math packet.    Although some might object that my minimal use would be affecting the children, I would reply that I want my kids to get the most out of my classroom form me, not from what technology I can offer them.  The issue is important because more and more technology is being made yearly especially for the classroom, and I don’t want to loose sight of what our main goal is; teaching our kids everything they need to know, and giving them love and support while doing so.


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